How to speed up your slow mobile

With the advent of new technology, the way of communication has also been changed. In ancient times, pigeons were used as a means of communication. Later, letters were sent through post. With the passage of time, telephone came into existence but today is the era of wireless communication that gives rise to mobile phones. Mobiles phones are so popular now a days, because they are helpful in so many ways. Today we can not only place and receive a call or text message using cell phones, but they are also a source of entertainment, education, storage and capturing memories in form of pictures and videos.

With the help of mobile phones, we can click pictures, make and share videos. It also acts as a storage device. Technology has made mobile phones so advanced that we can also send and receive emails on this device and can book a cab from this, order food and book a room in a hotel, movie tickets using this device. These are a few of examples of advantages of this device. There are a lot of applications we can install on mobile phone related to health, technology, gym workout, travelling, food recipes, social networking, payment transfer etc.

So we can say that mobile phones play a very important role in our life. It is very difficult to spend even a moment without it. So today we will discuss how to keep our mobile phone faster, because with passage of time and usage it becomes slow, which makes us miserable, disappointed, inconvenient and irritated.

Today I am going to share some easy and useful tricks with you which will help you to speed up your mobile and your slow running mobile phone turns into high performance phone, as a newly purchased mobile phone. Mostly what the people do, they download and install mobile cleaner or booster apps, but those apps make mobile more slow because cleaner apps consume much more memory and also contain adware and mostly malware too. So follow these tricks which are mentioned ahead with reasons and working. By applying these tricks your mobile will work faster.

  • Low storage left or full of storage

Your mobile slows down due to storage issues. At some instant, your mobile is left with very low storage available, so first you need to delete the unwanted apps and data (unwanted pics, videos and music files etc).

But if you find that you are not able to make the necessary space available after deleting all this unnecessary or unwanted stuff, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Clear applications cache memory by following these steps:

Note: Every phone has different interface so be little careful.

  • Open Settings and click on app management

how to open app management

  • Then Select an app for which you want to clear the cache memory.

Note: If you clear cache memory then it makes the app default as it is installed again (or data related to that app will be deleted).

select app to clear cache

  • Then Click on storage usage option:
  • app infoThen Click on clear data and clear cache.

clear data and cache of app

  • Don’t need to set live wallpaper

Live Wallpaper uses your phone’s CPU and GPU. It also consumes lots of memory and battery. That’s the reason why live wallpaper let your mobile slow. So please don’t set live wallpaper on your mobile.

  • Best way is to use memory card and need to use high speed memory cards

Many people insert memory cards in their mobiles. But they do not choose the memory card correctly. There are many types of memory cards available in market. While buying a memory card, people often pay attention to its storage but do not pay attention to its writing speed. That’s why I advise you when purchasing a memory card you should also check its speed. In my opinion you need to purchase more than 64MBPS memory card. More the writing speed of memory card, faster is your mobile.

If your phone storage is full but your memory card still has storage so you need to transfer your files in memory card. If your phone storage is full due to your apps and you do not want to delete any app, you have the option to transfer some apps in memory card.

  • Turn on location only if you need it

Some people turn on their GPRS without any reason. Because of this related background service keeps running, speed of mobiles starts getting slow.  So please turn on your GPRS location services when you need it.

  • Always clean up mobile’s home screen

Disable all the gadgets on your mobile which are on your home screen and need not keep unnecessary apps on the mobile’s home screen.

Don't keep home screen full

  • Clean up junk files daily

With the regular use of mobile, many junk files get generated. That’s why mobile starts slowing down. So you need to clean these junk files.

Almost every mobile have their own app in file explorer to clean these junk files.

Note: Don’t need to use third party apps to clean these junk files or any battery optimizer app, as almost all apps contain adware, virus, malware etc.

  • Need to use lite apps if available

There are so many apps you install in your mobile phone but those apps can be heavy for your mobile. Fortunately we have alternate and good way to use them, as most of applications have their official lite version available, such as facebook has its lite version known as facebook lite. So try to search these apps and install in your phone because these are official apps and consume very less space and memory of your mobile phone as compared to regular apps.

  • Turn off WiFi, mobile data and Bluetooth when not needed

You should turn off your mobile’s WiFi, mobile data and bluetooth when not in use or when not required, because this will disable or close the services related to those apps or utilities and result into faster performance and extend your mobile’s battery life. You should even reduce the brightness of your phone or set upto that extent which is enough for you.

  • Keep your phone updated in terms of OS and apps

Always keep your phone’s software updated because every update fixes the bugs and other issues those let your phone slow. But the most important reason to update your phone is the security. With updation where you can get new features, it also protects your phone from being hacked and also protects from various issues related to security, as it fixes bugs.

  • Don’t update your phone too much

Now, this might sound a little bit unusual and contradictory to previous tip. Well, keeping your Android phone up to date is among the Android tips and tricks almost every user would suggest. But everything has a downside too. If your device is low on storage and its a few years old, upgrading it to a newer version would consume extra resources.

The device storage could even shrink down to the limit that it messes with your daily routine. Because your phone doesn’t have the space to hold more apps. So you should always update your phone but when you found that your phone is very low with storage and its very old that it is not compatible with more updates, then you should go with a new phone or don’t update it unless you increase its storage.

  • Try Using cloud storage

Mobile is a source of entertainment and we save many of our videos and photos in its storage. If you want to keep your photos, videos and music files in the mobile even the mobile storage is full then you should use cloud storage. You can save your data in cloud storage which is safer than your internal storage because firstly, it saves mobile storage and secondly, if your mobile gets broken or damaged, your data will still remain in the cloud storage and you can copy from it anytime.

  • Do not open too much tabs at same time

If your mobile is running slow, first of all check if number of tabs or apps are not opened at the same time in your mobile. Most of the times we do not close the apps properly and for this reason these apps remain opened and their services continue to run in the mobile’s background. So only open the app that you need. Do not open too much tabs or apps at the same time.

  • Close the unnecessary opened apps running in background

Sometimes too many apps remain opened in the background that we forget to close, these apps and their services consume memory and storage and hence result into performance getting down. So check the apps those are running in background and close them immediately.

  • Restart Mobile phone

Sometimes mobile stops working at all so at that time likes a computer you need to restart it. And I advise you to restart your mobile once a day.

  • Enable Developer Mode

After enabling developer Options, head back to your settings menu and tap on Developer Options. Within this section, there are a few features you can tweak that improve performance.

Steps to enable developer mode:

  • Open Settings and click on about phone

about phone

  • Locate Build number in about phone and tap on it seven times.
  • Then you should receive a notification that you are now a developer. From now on, you’ll see Developer Options in your Settings menu.


  • Factory reset your mobile

Factory reset is the last option to speed up your mobile. If the above tricks don’t work, then go for factory reset, it eliminates almost every problem of your phone. By doing this, all data on your mobile gets deleted and your mobile will be just like new.

Note: You need to take backup of your mobile data before factory reset. You can take backup on your PC , cloud storage ,external pen drive etc.

Method to factory reset mobile:

  1. Open settings menu
  2. Find backup and reset
  3. Then click on factory data reset


That’s all, ENJOY…

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Author : Rohit Sharma

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