How to create a digital daily Journal

Writing is a good habit. Everyone should write something daily, it will improve writing skills and helps us a lot in various aspects. Its significant benefits are as:

  1. To be a good writer, it will help you if you daily start writing a journal, improve your ideas and writing skills also.
  2. Sometimes great ideas come to your mind and you can write them in journal and it will help you later.
  3. It also helps you to keep record of your important decisions in your life and you can analyse your decisions and their impacts on your life.
  4. You can mention your goals on journal and see your progress, and also have the record of obstacles in your way.
  5. Your journal can help to track your dreams and aspirations and allow you to figure out what is most important to you and also give you a path to self-awareness.


You are well aware that today world is going to be paperless. So its need of the hour to save the paper and start writing on digital media. So today I will tell you that how you can write your daily journal simply in a notepad and keep your records updated, by having date and time automatically mentioned on that notepad when you open it daily.

Let's start now

Just follow the simple steps mentioned below and you will be able to create your own journal on your personal desktop and laptop.

  • Open the run command, by just pressing windows logo key on your keyboard, keep it pressing and at the same time press 'R' key and then release both keys, you will be able to see run command on your screen.

picture of shortcut to open run command

  • Type notepad in it and hit enter key.

type notepad in run command

  • Now notepad has been opened on your screen, type .LOG in its beginning.

step three to create a journal

  • Now go to File menu, click on 'Save As'.

saving as a log file

  • Now save it with desired file name at your desired location on your computer, (I am saving it in my name's folder in D drive as file named daily journal), but most important thing is to set 'save as type' to 'All Files (*.*)' and give .log extension with your file name.

saving as a log file part two

  • Now close this file and reopen it, you will find this with day and time (of opening this file or document) mentioned on it.

daily journal with day and time

  • So you will see that every time you open it, it will show current date and time at the start, after last (time you opened and saved) lines in it. You can also see that I have written something in it.

daily journal created successfully

  • So in this way you can successfully create a daily journal and save it and if you close it without saving, it will automatically ask you to save it, if you want to save your latest information, you can save it.

That's all, ENJOY...


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